Account Settings Definitions

Account Name - What you would prefer to call the account. This will be displayed whenever the account is viewed

Account Type
- The main grouping into which the account is organized, such as Energy or Water

Account Sub-Type - The secondary grouping of the account, such as Electricity or Potable Water

Input Units - The units for which data will be entered under this account

Currency - The currency for which cost data will be entered under this account

Energy Account Designation - The source of energy being produced
Vendor - The provider of the resource (e.g. utility) being tracked by the account

Account Number - Traditionally the utility account number

Whole Building Analytics - This option allows users to specify how the account data is included in whole building analytics. Three options exist:
Monitoring Method - The method by which data is collected for this account. For example, if data is obtained from invoices, then the user can select ‘Based on Invoices’.

Covered Area - A high level description of the space of the building that the account corresponds to. For example, if this is an energy meter that is tracking data for a resource purchased by a tenant, the user can select ‘Purchased by Tenant’ and then specify the amount of floor area covered by the Tenant.

Floor Area - The Area taken up by a site or part of it.

Area Units
- The Units for Floor Area.

External Source - If data for the account is coming from an external source (e.g. utility data provider), users can add the external identification information here for tracking purposes.
Comments - Any notes you would like to provide with the account

Deactivate Account - An option which sets the account as un-editable and tags it as "deactivated" in all lists and analytics in which the account may displayed