Spiral of Success

Combining powerful visualization and analytics with a collaborative user experience, The Maalka Value Chain represents the eight aspects of the Maalka platform that set us apart from similar services. With Maalka, anyone - from city managers to corporate property holders - can easily improve the sustainability of their building portfolios.


It has never been easier to grow and engage a pro-active community of users (enterprise or public) around sustainability data and best practices. Maalka enables you to securely share data, manage active conversations, and track actions and impacts among targeted groups that include building experts, owners, managers, tenants, and occupants.


With Maalka, you can set general goals that are aligned with local, regional, national, or global initiatives and then collaborate with your stakeholders to define and track progress towards your own custom goals.


Maalka makes it easy for you to adopt best practices for data collection and reporting by fully integrating with Energy Star Portfolio Manager, the Department of Energy Standard Energy Efficiency Data Platform (SEED), and the Green Button Initiative. Custom engagement tools also allow you to monitor the data reporting and sharing efforts of all the stakeholders in your network.


With Maalka’s Report Generator, you can build your own custom, data-driven benchmark reports and instantly send them out to your network of building owners, tenants, and occupants. You have the power to choose what metrics are most important and then benchmark your buildings to their past performance as well as to other buildings in your portfolio and across the country.


Maalka lets you coordinate with your stakeholders to develop a custom plan to realize your sustainability goals and helps you identify the most effective and economical courses of action. With Maalka, the plan can be continually adjusted and you can keep your stakeholders up-to-speed as the plan evolves.


Maalka fits easily within your existing workflow so that sustainability can extend to all aspects of your business or program. Our platform integrates seamlessly with leading project management tools, from MailChimp to Salesforce, so you can track stakeholder engagement and progress towards your goals at the portfolio, building, and tenant level.


Maalka allows your sustainability program to continually evolve and expand by allowing you to add more data streams as they become available and to instantly assess the impact of specific improvements to your buildings or portfolios.