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Site Level Data Entry

At the Site Level of the application (click here to learn how to locate a site), you can edit and view account data from the View / Edit Data button. This button is located to the right of each account on the Accounts tab.

When you select this button, an editable table will open where you can enter your billing information. In the following example, we are using the data entry tool from an Electricity Account.

In the image above, you may note that some of the cells are colored blue or red. The red color indicates that there is an issue with the data that has been saved, such as a value might be too high or too low. The blue cells indicate new information has been entered, but not saved. Once the “Save” button is pressed, internal data quality checks will be applied to the new data and the cell will turn either white or red. This allows you to instantly check your work while entering new data. 

To start filling out data, use the blank row that is always at the top of the table. Once you enter your information and click save, a new blank entry will appear.

Another way to add a new entry is by right clicking on anywhere on the table. This will open a menu that will allow you to add multiple blank entries to the top of the spreadsheet. Keep in mind that the row will automatically move to its correct chronological position after saving.

You can use this same menu to delete any of the columns on the spreadsheet. Right-click the row you wish to remove and select the bottom option, "Delete Column."

The second way to add a new entry is by hovering over a row and clicking the small, blue "plus" button that pops up next to the date range column. If you click this button, blank entries will appear at the top of the table.

Data Entry Tools and Views

There are a few buttons at the top row of the spreadsheet that will help you filter entries, download the spreadsheet CSV, or view data in a different way.  

On the top left of the table there is a dropdown that will allow you to filter entries to show a standard period of time or a specific date range.

There are some pre-defined options to choose from, or you can create a custom range by selecting “Custom” from the list and entering a date range into the input boxes.

To download a CSV version of the spreadsheet directly to your computer, select the Download button on the far right.

To view a normalized (monthly) version of the spreadsheet, select the Normalized View button.

Selecting this button will switch the spreadsheet to a non-editable monthly rollup of all entries entered into the data entry view. This allows you to see how the data looks on a month-to-month basis rather than by entry range, which can be somewhat arbitrary.

To return to the editable spreadsheet, select the Back to Edit View button.

Using the View or Upload Bill Screen

It may be useful or required to keep a PDF version of your utility bill on file for reference or to help you double-check data that has been entered for each entry. The “View Bill” screen can be accessed by selecting the View Bill or Upload Bill button to the left of each entry.

If the button is blue and says, “View Bill,” when you hover over it, this indicates that a bill has already been uploaded for the entry. If the button is gray and says, “Upload Bill,” no bill has been uploaded yet. Either way, these buttons will take you to the same screen.

Unlike the previous view, this view only allows you to edit one entry at a time, but you have the advantage of comparing each entry to a saved version of the utility bill. You can move chronologically between entries using the navigation tool on the top left.

To upload a new bill, use the Upload Bill button and select a bill from your files. Keep in mind, a new bill will replace the old one currently saved to the entry.

You can also download the current bill PDF using the Download Bill button.

Once you are ready to save your work, select the Save button at the bottom. Any information added to the single data entry column will be updated on the larger spreadsheet. You can also return to the main data entry screen at any time by closing the popup using the x button at the top, or the Back button at the bottom.

IT Equipment Accounts

The IT Equipment Account is a special energy account specifically designed for IT Equipment data entry. To set up a new IT Equipment Account click the plus button next to the Energy header.

Fill out the modal as normal, but under Monitoring Method make sure to select IT Equipment.

You can access this account from the Accounts tab, in the same way you would access a normal electricity account.

When entering data for this account - after inputting the entry date - it is important to select options for “Data Availability Code” and “PUE Value Code” next. The selections for these two dropdowns will determine which cells on the table are required fields.

Required fields are highlighted in red. You will need to fill out those cells in order to submit your work, but you may want to fill out some of the other fields as well, if needed.

Some cells will be pre-filled for you depending on your selections for “Data Availability Code” and “PUE Value Code.” Those cells will be highlighted blue and you will not be able to edit them.

Once you are finished filling out the table, click save and close the window.