In 2012, the State of California approved a budget of $500 million for funding clean energy projects and improving energy efficiency across more than 3,300 schools in California. Proposition 39 (Prop39) is the most comprehensive state-level energy efficiency initiative to date, in which local school districts can leverage funding for a range of improvement measures, including: retrofitting, conducting building energy audits, and training facilities personnel in sustainability management. In addition to funding improvement strategies across the state, the program also mandates continuous data collection for all project sites to facilitate direct operational and financial impact analysis over time. The program is another example of California’s leadership and commitment to resource management and environmental stewardship.


Over the past year, Maalka has been providing the California Energy Commission (CEC), which is responsible for managing Prop39, with advice about how open-source technologies enable highly efficient management of large-scale sustainability programs. When the data from Prop39 was prepared for public consumption, Maalka wanted to demonstrate our ability to rapidly ingest, merge, analyze, and visualize it all. By coordinating with the CEC, Maalka obtained data related to program financing, school buildings and their energy-use, contact information, and other sources. The data was collected asynchronously over several years and stored in various formats and files. In a matter of days, Maalka developed a rich application on its open platform that structured and merged more than 120gb of program data – enabling visual and analytical insights across more than 350 million data points.

With Maalka, anyone can easily explore where program funds were allocated, what kinds of projects received the most funding, how schools are performing across California, where the best opportunities for improvement lay, etc… the possibilities are endless. Not only that, the data is fully structured and accessible through Maalka’s open-API, enabling anyone to build rich applications for analyzing performance trends across all the schools.

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