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Analytics Navigation

The Site Level Analytics tab displays visualizations of data for all Accounts within that site. If you do not know how to locate specific sites within your program, see the article on Locating Sites.

Visualizations are grouped by:  Energy, Water, Waste, Emissions, and Weather. These consumption types can be accessed through the Analytics menu.

Navigating with breadcrumbs

Since the Energy section has a lot of charts at the Site Level, it may be useful to filter them by subtype. To do this, select a subtype from the dropdown list next to the Energy button and the charts visible below will adjust to show only that subtype. You can return to the default view by selecting "Show All."

Navigating with breadcrumbs
Chart Interactions

The legend on every chart is interactive and allows you to filter out specific variables presented in the graph. Click on the item's name filter out the data series you wish to hide.

Navigating with breadcrumbs

You can reset any filters you have applied to the charts by selecting the "reset filters" button on the top right of the graph.

Navigating with breadcrumbs
Downloading Charts

The menu on the top right corner of the chart allows you to save a chart on the analytics page to your computer using any of the three available formats: PDF, PNG, and CSV.

The PDF option will download a high-resolution image of the chart to use in printed reports or other high-quality documents.

The PNG option will download a low-resolution image of the chart to use digitally, in email, presentations, or websites.

The CSV option will download the series data behind the graph in spreadsheet form.

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Unit Conversion

All chart units displayed on the Analytics tab are Metric by default, but if you would like to convert all units on this page to Imperial, simply select the "Imperial" option on the toggle in the top right. This will convert all units for every available consumption type: Energy, Water, Waste, and Emissions.

Navigating with breadcrumbs