Empower your Organization
to Achieve Carbon Zero.

Building sustainability software to help you manage your ESG goals and reporting.

Explore Dynamic Analytical Tools

Our toolkit allows your organization to launch best-in-class sustainability programs. Interactive reports show progress toward energy, water, and carbon reduction goals across your portfolio.

Optimize Your Organization's Carbon Impact

Set and Track near and long term targets to reduce carbon, energy, and water consumption.

Manage and Maintain the validity of your environmental data across your business.

Gain Personalized Insights into the progress of all your qualitative and quantitive ESG impact practices.

Enhance the Value of
Current ESG Technology

Maalka is compatible with ESG industry standard tools so you can ensure that your building portfolio is using the best technology on the market. Maintain your current workflows or start utilizing up-to-date information from Energy Star Portfolio Manager, Asset Score, and ZeroTool.